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Samsung bada is a smartphone platform aiming to make its vision of "Smartphone for Everyone" a reality. bada applications will be available in parallel with existing Samsung Apps in 75 countries.
To encourage developer participation, Samsung is holding the bada Developer Challenge, the biggest application contest of 2010.
You could
 Win a share of $2,700,000
 Have your app featured prominently on Samsung Apps
Competition prizes
 $300,000 grand prize!
 8 categories to enter
  Mates and dates, Entertain me, Freaks and geeks, Easy life, In the workplace, On the road, Older and wiser, Down to business
 Prizes in each category : 1st prize: $100,000 – 2nd prize: $60,000 – 3rd prize: $40,000
* All prizes are in USD.
 Registration is open from May 17th until July 31st
 1st submission opens on June 1st and closes on July 31st
 Winners will be announced on November 16th

 바다 공모전이 떴네요......
 우리나라 개발자라면 한번쯤 도전해 볼 가치가 있지 않을까요~ 진정한 스마트폰시대의 os는 누가 될것인가 ㅋㅋㅋ
 근데 왜 영어로 나온거야~ㄴ이;럼;니ㅏ얾;니얾;니ㅏ얼

 애국심을 좀 자극하시려면 한글로도 만드시는게 좋을텐데 여튼!!!!!!!!!
 한번 해봅시다!! ㅋㅋㅋ

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